Your Guide to Better Gut & Immune Health

A home regimen for improving your diet and digestive function

We believe less is always more

When it comes to feeling your best physically and mentally, the work goes beyond just taking vitamins and medications or doing fad diets.

1. Start with the basics: food

Change your diet based on your personalized LEAP Immunocalm diet plan, created by using your MRT food sensitivity test results.

2. Shop, plan, prep, and establish new habits

Following a personalized nutrition routine includes understanding the foods, ingredients, and nutrients involved. Your current foods and supplements may not be the right fit for your body. Let’s find some that are!

3. Observe your body’s reaction to the foods you’re consuming

Stool, skin, hair, nails, joints, sinuses, weight change, energy levels, and more can all be indicators of what’s going on in our body. They’re essential to monitor and reassess over time.

4. Let’s debunk some myths

Even when you eat healthy, are physically active, and have “good checkups,” there may be other underlying health issues, imbalances, or deficiencies. This is where the other test panels will be helpful! Seeing what micronutrient deficiencies you have and looking at your comprehensive stool analysis (GI-MAP) to assess microbial balance, digestion, absorption, inflammation, and immune function indicators will be the key next steps to address.