Billing information and
best practices for
medical nutrition therapy.


Insurance considerations

When deciding between billing insurance (if applicable) and self-pay, please keep the following considerations in mind.

We cannot bill insurance for the functional nutrition testing (such as MRT), but can provide a superbill for you to submit.

We can only bill insurance for the time we spend together in-session, so any outside support – including meal planning, accountability check-ins, and more – would need to be paid for as a self-pay service. Because of this, package pricing is subject to change if you choose to bill insurance.

While we are covered by most insurance companies (PHP, United Health Care/UMR, and Medicare are the common ones we are not contracted with), many patients choose not to go through insurance and prefer our self-pay pricing because of these reasons.


How to find out if your sessions are covered by insurance

1. Doctor Referral

Ask your doctor for a referral for medical nutrition therapy and self-management and have it faxed to “Courtney Rinehold RDN” at  260-209-5956.

Be sure to ask what diagnosis codes can be used for you and you should write those down to use when calling your provider.

2. Call Insurance Company

Check with your insurance provider about your coverage through Dr. Christopher Stroud (services will be provided by Courtney Rinehold RDN, and billed under Dr. Christopher Stroud).

When calling your insurance, make sure to say: “I’m trying to find out if my insurance plan covers Medical Nutrition Therapy or nutrition counseling. Can you help me figure this out and answer some questions?”

3. Ask 10 Key Questions

  • If I have_____ (diagnosis: such as diabetes, IBS, migraines, obesity, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, infertility, etc. You can get your diagnosis from your doctor when asking for a referral) and was treated by________ (list these codes: MNT- 97802, 97803, or, 97804 or patient self-management codes 98960 or 98961) is Medical Nutrition Therapy covered? 
  • What is my deductible? 
  • What is my share of the cost after the deductible? 
  • How many Medical Nutrition Therapy visits are allowed? 
  • Who can provide the care? 
  • Do I have coverage for Dr. Christopher Stroud MD, NPI#1053550152, or Courtney Rinehold RDN NPI# 1750623591 
  • Does Medical Nutrition Therapy come under preventative care in the plan? 
  • Is there a yearly/lifetime maximum on Medical Nutrition Therapy coverage? 
  • Are there any other coverage guidelines, exclusions, or limitations? 
  • Can you fax the details of my coverage to Dr. Christopher Stroud / Courtney Rinehold’s office? (Fax: 260-209-5956)

More questions about insurance?