Individualized testing to help you feel better.

The LEAP/MRT program is the best way to pinpoint your food sensitivity and nutrient deficiencies so you can start feeling more like yourself again.


What is LEAP/MRT?

MRT (Mediator Release Test)

A comprehensive blood test that checks how your body reacts to over 170 foods, chemicals, and additives and pinpoints the specific things that are harming your body and day-to-day living.


LEAP (Lifestyle, Eating, and Performance)

The results from the MRT test informs the LEAP personalized elimination diet and lifestyle plan that will gradually weed out and eliminate the symptoms you have been dealing with due to an unknown food sensitivity.

MRT + LEAP = Clearer Mind, Healthier Body

Increased Energy

When inflammation is reduced, your body is able to absorb and get the most out of nutrients, increasing your energy levels quickly and removing that all too common sluggish afternoon feeling.

Elimination or Lessening of Pain

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to toxins, resulting in aches and pains. By reducing inflammation you can gain control over these pains and even eliminate them completely.

Improved Digestion

When you consume acidic or processed foods or foods that don’t agree with your body in general, stomach issues tend to arise. Yet, with just a few tweaks, you can put a stop to the discomfort.

More Focus

Studies have shown that the reduction of inflammation increases focus, memory, and overall mental clarity. This empowers you to be more productive and present than ever before.

Weight Loss Breakthrough

Tired of seeing the scale unmoved? Research shows that reducing inflammation is not only the secret to increased weight loss but also to keeping the weight off moving forward.

Increased Fertility

Reducing inflammation can make the body a more welcoming environment for a baby by working to rebalance hormones and nutrients in the body.

…and so much more!

Will I have to give up all of my favorite foods?

Not necessarily! In fact, after your body experiences some much-needed relief, my process ends with you being able to live life on your terms.

Step 1: Review Results

Once you receive your results, we will sit down and discuss them together. From this meeting, you will walk away with the first phase of your diet plan where you will start by only eating your lowest reactive foods.

Step 2: Your First Check-In

After the first couple of weeks on your eating plan, we will discuss how you are feeling, start to integrate more foods back into your diet, and monitor how they affect you.

Step 3: Moving Forward

At the six month mark, after gradually integrating more foods back into your diet, we will make sure you are feeling better and release you into your new healthy lifestyle!

My #1 goal is always to get you to a point where you simply feel better. If after six months you are still experiencing issues, we can take you through a variety of other tests to see what deficiencies or dysfunctions you may have and how they can be corrected. In most cases, fixing what you are putting into your gut through food makes a world of a difference!

Unparalleled accuracy

A blind, peer-reviewed scientific study showed MRT to have the highest level of accuracy of any food sensitivity blood test:

94.5% sensitivity and 91.8% specificity

Still feeling symptoms?

We offer a variety of other tests that can help us pinpoint exactly what’s causing your issues to persist past LEAP/MRT and get to the bottom of them.

To learn more about the tests, click on each box!

Wheat Zoomer

Comprehensive antibody test that will identify any wheat or gluten sensitivities.


Comprehensice assessment of the levels of over 30 micronutrients to determine any deficiencies.

Celiac Panel

Celiace disease can be hard to track - We order a Celiac panel if common symptoms are present.

GI-MAP Stool Analysis

Comprehensive analysis that helps us understand microbial imbalances that may be causing prolonged issues.

When Will I See Results?

Most patients see a noticeable difference within the first one to two weeks on the program. However, in some cases, it can take as long as four to six weeks. Your particular response may vary depending on certain factors:

Dedication to your plan

If you diligently stick to your plan, you will have the greatest chance of success in the shortest time frame possible. If you follow it loosely or carelessly, your results will be compromised to the extent of your neglect.

How sensitivity impacts your condition

Some patients come to me and experience total symptom relief from their condition as long as they stay on their plan. Others will experience a decrease in symptoms but not complete remission. This is because food sensitivity can either be the direct cause OR a contributing factor to your health problem.

The severity of your condition

Sometimes it takes a bit more time to reverse the damage caused by years of sensitivity reactions, improper eating, and/or inadequate nutrition. Many of my clients have felt better after just a few days!

Rinehold Introduction To Nutrition Webinar

Want to start right away?

My webinar will walk you through the first step of my process and get you started on the paperwork you’ll need to get testing going. This will replace your initial consultation and can jumpstart the process so you can start feeling better right away!

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • How LEAP/MRT works
  • Common symptoms of food sensitivity and nutrient deficiency
  • The importance of gut health
  • The science behind inflammation
  • Reaching your health and weight goals
  • Healing with food

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